Holey Moley Indoor Miniature Golf/Bar & Restaurant

Holey Moley Indoor Miniature Golf/Bar & Restaurant

Denver, Colorado

Nutis had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Holey Moley, a vibrant indoor putt putt, bar, and restaurant. The task was to replicate key design elements from their successful overseas venues while infusing unique design elements.

This project encompassed fabrication and installation for the Denver, Colorado location, with plans to replicate the model across five more locations in 2023 and expand further in 2024.

Design Approach and Materials

  • Galvanized Pipe and Fencing
  • Aluminum and MDF
  • Oak
  • Vinyl Wallcoverings

Project Outcome

The Nutis Press team meticulously executed the installation in Denver, Colorado, paying close attention to detail and adhering to the designs. The focal points of the project were the creation of a pipe system to house POS pods and a small retail space. This design was ingeniously extended to the ceiling, creating a sense of continuity and visual interest.